Zwift Nation was started and created to help generate results for races and events organized by hard working and enthusiatic members of the community around the Zwift fitness application.

As the races and events grew more and more popular, and had more and more participants, the workload of the organizers grew with it. So a tool of some sort that could help automate parts of the work involved in registering participants and generating the results for the races more easily were in high demand.

I work as a systems architect, so I thought I would try to support organizers by creating a simple and very basic tool to help out a bit. This tool became the website named and known as Zwift Nation - and went online in late 2015. Since then, the number of visitors has grown quite a bit and while small adjustments and changes has been done regularly the website was more and more in need of a makeover.

So, the last couple of months I have been working on/off on a Zwift Nation version 2.0 and this website is the outcome and went online in start may 2016.

Finally, as always a big shoutout and thanks to all the valuable work being done by the race- and event organizers. I can't thank all those people enough!


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René Rolighed

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